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Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 7: Scenarios

For week 7 we developed two of our informances into full scenarios. The scenarios were presented in the style of a journey framework, to allow others to easily follow along.

Sue's Framework

Rob's Framework

End Referencing

Process Documentation:
Working Doc

These scenarios pursue the two out of three informances we created in the previous week and explore each situation in more detail. These scenarios present an objective view from various perspectives towards the obstacle or problem that each persona is faced with. We expanded on our infromance scenarios and included three different perspectives: from the persona, the group, and the designers perspective. This allowed us to think like the persona, the group and as designers. Different approaches reflected in each framework also offered opportunities to explore possible design possibilities. We decided to pursue the Sue Jacobs scenario because it was the most interesting in terms of personal development and individual expression in a group setting.