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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weeks 12 - 13 Prototype & Portfolio

In these weeks, the final weeks, we developed our first full prototype and tested our results

Lab Presentation
Design Proposal

Working Doc

For more reflections, please see the posts from previous weeks

During week 12, the team re-iterated the design for a medium fidelity prototype. With taking elements from previous brainstorming, for example from the Message in the Bottle idea, and also elements from the participatory workshop results, we were able to think of how to simplify the functions of this prototype and also various forms that it could incorporate. We wanted to create a product that allowed the Youth Group to still feel very connected to their group, but also allow them to feel anonymous of sharing their own ideas became to much of an uncomfortable activity. We also thought if we were to create a mobile messaging system, how it can differ from each individual just using their mobile cellular device via SMS. With this constraint in mind, we developed the “CommTube1.0”.

The CommTube1.0 a mobile tube like object, that each individual of the Youth Group can take with them anywhere. It allows them to send mass messages to all group members, and still keeping anonymity as a true aspect of the product. It notifies each member when a new message is received by glowing, and also incorporates a contemporary technologically designed infrared keyboard, which is a QWERTY designed keyboard, and is enabled when pressing the “KB” button the device.
The feedback the team received on it, included suggests of how to change aspects of it, and also questions mostly arising of how this device, will defeat each individual using their cell, as oppose to using this CommTube1.0, to communicate with each other. We felt as though the CommTube1.0 was more personable, to the individual and the group as a whole, but some criticism about the design included how a cellphone is still a personable device as well, to each individual.

Future designs of this product will be re-developing the purpose of the device. If we can pinpoint why this product design, differs from an individual from the group using a cellphone to contact others, as oppose to the CommTube1.0, we have succeeded in our goal to create a communication platform for a social group to share ideas and thoughts without having to feel uncomfortable or misjudged. Other procedures such as more user testing, mostly done in realistic scenarios, and allowing the users to use the product in real time, as oppose to doing a 20 minute test, and also interviewing them about their experiences using the CommTube1.0 and how we can continue to possibly to improve it.