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Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 3: Cultural Probes

In this week we developed our cultural probes and deployed them. In lab we presented our probes to the class.

Handed In:
Probe Poster

Process Documentation:
Working Doc
Meeting Notes
May 24 Meeting Transcript

Probe Deployment

This week, we found an interesting group of people, of diverse ages and social standing united under the Christian Church. Through careful consideration of the course material and readings provided for this week, most notably B. Gaver’s “Cultural Probes”, we put together our own Cultural Probes package that reflected our intent to learn more about each individual member of the youth group as well as the group dynamics. We brainstormed a list of possible items to include in the probe. It went well because we were able to justify all the items. At the end, we went through a process of elimination to determine which items would be best for our cultural probe package. If we had more time to complete this week’s task, we would like to change some of the items in our package so that we would get a wider range of responses covering various areas regarding their individuality.