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Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 4: Probe Findings

For week 4 we received our probes back, and began analyzing them for information. We presented our results in class, and provided a poster showing our items.

Handed In:
Probe Poster
Probe Findings

Process Documentation:

Returned Probe Items

Disposable Camera Photos

Probe Retrieval Interview

Analysis Diagram

Working Doc

After having our probes packages returned to us by the participants, we concluded the general themes that stood out were Inspirations, Reflections on Life, Preserving Identity in a Social Group, Living an Organized Life and starting a New Chapter in Life. We were also able to note general traits such as Creativity and Individuality.

Some of the information we received was predictable, but at the same time some of the items in the package were used differently thus showing us the participants creativity, which also provided us with additional information. From the group interviews, participants suggested the use of digital items such as digital cameras and iPods. A group member managed to break the disposable camera. Another group member suggested iPods as incentives. If we were able to redeploy the items, we may take their suggestions into consideration but digital devices such as those may be hard to come by, especially with a strict budget.