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Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 5: Personas

This week we developed two personas based off of our probe data. These personas would be the focus of our future designs. We have named these personas Rob and Sue.

Persona Foundation Sheets
Persona Posters
Comparison Poster

Process Documentation:

Working Doc
June 3 Meeting Transcript
June 4 Meeting Transcript

After the analysis of our findings from cultural probes was completed, we developed two unique personas. Sue Jacobs is a 24 years old SFU graduate with a degree in Education, who is working as a teacher on call in Richmond. She is striving to get a full time position at work, although she feels a bit insecure about her future. Robert Brauer is a 26 years old UBC Okanagon graduate with a degree in Engeineering. He works full time at the Golf and Country Club in Richmond as a part of the grounds crew. He is a bit introverted and thought of as a serious person with a silly side that he lets out only in the company of friends. He is striving to advance in his job in hopes that the increased income will solve most of his problems.
Both, Sue and Robert are involved in the Youth Church Group.

The purpose of creating these two fictional personas is to represent the main audience for future designs and prototypes. The personas also helped us to think like our users because of the role-playing sessions we had in lab. We were able to “be in their shoes” and not SIAT students. The role-playing session, although useful could have been better. At times, it was difficult to hear over peers in the tutorial because the volume was too loud. It also disorganized because some personas met the same persona on multiple occasions. All opposite personas also commented on the lighting of Sue’s image. We would adjust the brightness of the image for future projects if her picture was to be displayed so it would be easier for classmates to put a face to Sue’s name.