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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 9: Online Portfolio

This week we created the website. All previous posts were prepared in preparation for this assignment.
In addition, we prepared a full summary of the project thus far, which is available here if you read more.

This Website

Design Rationale

One Minute Presentation

Reflective Presentation

Preliminary Ideas

Process Documentation:

Working Doc

Meeting Notes

July 2 Meeting Transcript

With the data and information we gathered from the previous weeks, we were able to brainstorm a design intervention that combined our cultural probe item, the Speak-To-Me-Bottle with an existing electronic device, the tablet. A few other designs were also proposed, and rejected due to various reasons. We decided to have the Speak-To-Me-Bottle because it was one of the most used and creatively used item from our cultural probes. By doing so, we felt that the group would appreciate the product even more because they enjoyed using the item during their time with the package. Including the tablet into with the Speak-To-Me-Bottle was also enforced by the groups’ desire for more digital items. They felt that if they were given a digital camera instead of disposal, and iPods would have motivated them more to use the items in the probe. And because the group was the younger generation (18-27 years old), they would be familiar with such technologies (iPad). Our persona Sue was the key element in designing this design intervention, as she proved to be the most useful source of inspiration, since she was closely (but not directly) based off of our initial probes package participants.