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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 9: Design Rationale

The rationale for our future design direction is here. All other submissions for this week are in the post below this one.

We will be pursuing Sue’s scenario and informance for our prototype. We will be adapting our original cultural probe item, the “Speak-to-Me-Bottle” for our design prototype. The initial purpose of the cultural probe item was for each individual to write an affirmation, a quote they enjoyed or any sort of message they feel they needed to share, and put it into the bottle, labelled “Speak to Me”. Each of the participants in our social group used the bottle in their own way.Sue’s informance is about her feeling self-conscious about sharing a personal problem during a group meeting, allowed us to understand Sue’s character and what she is going through in life and the youth group. Similarly, we would like to create a design which allowed individuals of the church youth group to feel comfortable sharing ideas and engage them in the process of sharing ideas by making the experience more interactive and enjoyable, and not an experience where they feel intimidated by what group members will say or judge them. The scenario assignment helped us brainstorm several design ideas such as a Virtual Bulletin Board, a re-developed Speak-to-Me-Bottle, a Digital Whiteboard, and a Message in a Bottle prototype idea --- all of which we can further explore, develop and ideate. Each of these ideas can help Sue in her scenario in feeling insecure when sharing thoughts and ideas with her Youth group.